Energy Efficient Homes

by SIPs Industries
Energy Efficient Homes

Energy Prices Soar

SIPs Energy Efficient Homes

It's the endless, embarrassing, and all-too-familiar dying fly routine. Old industries flail when there's a new kid on the block. *

Coal and gas are ramping up prices

Old technology panics as it dies. And we, the consumer, usually pay the price.

A few outages during peak summer months back in 2013-14 were enough for coal and gas industry lobbyists to convince government to invest over $50 billion dollars on "poles and wires." That figure, by the way, exceeds the national spend on the NBN. But you won't hear much about that from Murdoch's Media.

By 2015, the government had spent big on fossil-fuel. As we all nimbly slide over to solar, wind, super-bright LED lighting and energy-efficient heating, we become less dependent on wires and poles.

Old technology panics as it dies and we usually pay the price.Old technology panics as it dies and we usually pay the price.Quarter after quarter, we pay for poles and wires. We use them less and less. Despite the Australian Energy Regulator statistics, more of our tax dollars are chucked at white elephant infrastructure. And we're rewarded with ever-increasing power bills. We've spent BIG on power kids! It's disgusting!

Read Jess Hill's infamous 2014 article in The Monthly, "Power Corrupts: How Network Companies Lined Their Pockets and Drove Electricity Prices Through the Roof": - I'm surprised Murdoch's henchmen didn't give her a black eye over that article. It's great!

While weirdo Western governments promote clean coal and sack our scientists (WTF is that about?) bags of your tax slide over the bar to fat coal-diggers mates.

Feeling Powerless (cough).

There is a simple solution.

Opt out of the energy regime and run your own show.

To do that properly, you really need to start (or start over) with an energy efficient home. That we can help you with.

SIPs Energy Efficient Homes

Building your new home out of SIPs (Structural Insulating Panels) will save masses on power bills. Bills on the Eastern seaboard are about to increase by around $600pa on average ( The Dumb-and-Dumber duet here in the west (Western Power and Synergy) will vacuum all the coins from your piggy bank.

Building your home with SIPs Technology minimises coal-fired wallet abuse. SIPs panels are highly insulated from outside temperatures. Traditional building materials (e.g. er - "brick" cough) are very porous. A double-brick wall will transmit Perth's summer heat right into your living room. Nights are horrific when it's hot for several days in a row. Let's hope you don't blow the motor on that 5kW air-conditioner.

Of course, if your walls are fully and properly insulated, and edgings are sealed, that won't be the case.

Not only do SIPs-built homes not give you many square metres of extra living space compared to thick brick (insulated panels are slimmer and more efficient than double-brick) but you are completely cocooned from the elements. One small (say 1500W) air-conditioner can cool (or heat) an entire home if it's sealed properly.

Front-page headline from the West Australian newspaper, July 2017.Front-page headline from the West Australian newspaper, July 2017.

Energy Saving Measures

A list of the usual home energy-saving measures;

    • Solar panels
    • with batteries
    • Low energy appliances;
    • TV
    • Microwave
    • Water efficient dishwasher
    • LED lights
    • Aircon
    • Auto timers or IoT (Internet enabled) devices
  • double glazed windows
  • heat extractor fans

Using the above elements with passive solar building techniques allows you to minimise heating and cooling cost. With batteries and solar panels, you can completely opt-out of the world's mad energy wars.

It's just a pity that the buy-back in WA is only 7c per kW, not 47c (as it was for early adopters - always adopt new tech early kids). Such regular coin would help pay for some good solar batteries.

Other Ways to Save Energy

If you really want to live an efficient and futuristic life, you could enjoy your SIPs-built home even more by opting to do the following;

  • wearing the right clothes
  • shutting doors and windows
  • turning heaters and coolers off
  • turning lights off
  • wash clothes using cold water
  • use hot water when the sun is shining (assuming solar panels)
  • turn off stand-by power devices
  • use timers to switch off stand-by appliances
  • insulate your roof
  • build your home deep underground

Okay, so that last one was a little nuts, but do give us a call if you are seriously thinking about burying your home in the ground. We like interesting work.

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