Quick and Easy. Save time and money with a SIPs construction.

The Advantages

  • Faster construction
  • Less on-site supervision
  • Cut to size
  • Better cash-flow
  • Easier to build on smaller sites
  • Happier satisfied customers

Supply Options

SIPS Industries provide a number of supply options to builders as some are experienced SIPS installers and some are not yet. Options include standard panels to suit the build – Ready Cut, Standard Panels that mostly suit the build and can be cut on-site, full supply and install by our experts of a pre-cut By Design or full supply only of a By Design pre-manufactured system. The options vary to suit you, the builder, and your specific needs on certain projects as they all differ.

Advantages of each:

  • SIPs Ready Cut
    • Standard size panels will reduce costs and your team can prepare timbers and panel install on site.
  • Supply & install
    • Our specialists will manufacture the panels to the architectural and engineering design, deliver to site and install all the panel and certain structural framework as agreed, leaving your supervisors time to engage in other parts of the build.
  • Supply only
    • Our factory specialists manufacture and supply your team with a by design kit-like delivery with a set of installations drawings for your team to erect.

Builder Support

Our skilled install team can provide personal on-site training for your supervisor or sub-contractor.