About us

SIPs Industries is Australia’s leading and multi-awarded SIPs manufacturer. We manufacture and supply Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) to the home and commercial building industries, Australia wide. We provide customers with energy efficient and sustainable building solutions; with a focus on delivering optimum quality combined with extremely fast build times.


Rob Vis and Fraser Stewart established the wholly Australian owned and operated company in 2009, and since then SIPs Industries has steadily grown to a staff of 16, based at our manufacturing facility in Fremantle. Contact us on (08) 9494 2211 or email to find out how SIPs Industries can help you build your SIPs home or commercial building.

Our Australian New Product Building Awards

HIA GreenSmart Award Winner 2010
HIA GreenSmart Award Winner 2010 - BEST NEW PRODUCT
HIA GreenSmart Award Winner 2011
HIA GreenSmart Award Winner 2011 - PARTNERSHIP AWARD
HIA GreenSmart Award Winner 2012


Our motivation in the Australian market is to make building smarter and more responsible. Legislative and environmental pressures are already forcing us to change the way we build in Australia and SIPs is the proven building method of the future that ticks all the boxes.


As a strong, affordable and environmentally responsible building solution, SIPs have been utilised worldwide for more than 50 years. Known particularly for its strength, versatility and outstanding insulation properties, SIPs construction is one of the fastest growing building systems globally.


Designing for sustainable outcomes remains an underdeveloped skill of many designers. By working with you to achieve your outcomes, SIPs Industries develops sustainable, cost effective designs which maximize the comfort and liveability of your home.