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Live healthier and happier in a sustainable and thermally efficient SIPs home.

Ready Cut

SIPs Ready Cut modular building system will save you serious amounts of time and money. The system allows for amazingly fast, hassle-free builds, in addition to the unmatched environmental benefits and high quality of SIPs panels.

A variety of pre-engineered SIPs floor panels, roof panels and wall panels in a range of sizes and dimensions, lets you design a structurally superior building that can be built in record time, reducing both labour and material costs. Visit the Ready Cut page to learn more.

SIPs By Design

Known for its strength, versatility and outstanding insulation properties, SIPs construction is one of the fastest growing building systems globally. Our SIPs By Design service will custom build the SIPs panels that are needed for your home, alongside your builder and designer.

We offer you the option of either supply only or supply and install and we can work with your preferred builder to advise them on the appropriate way to install the panels on site. Visit the SIPs By Design page to learn more.

There's more than 1 way to go about the SIPs process. But, so simple is the process, we call it "Lego for grown-ups".

SIPs Building News

Energy Efficient Homes

Energy Prices Soar

SIPs Energy Efficient Homes

It's the endless, embarrassing, and all-too-familiar dying fly routine. Old industries flail when there's a new kid on the block. *

Coal and gas are ramping up prices

Old technology panics as it dies. And we, the consumer, usually pay the price.

A few outages during peak summer months back in 2013-14 were enough for coal and gas industry lobbyists to convince government to invest over $50 billion dollars on "poles and wires." That figure, by the way, exceeds the national spend on the NBN. But you won't hear much about that from Murdoch's Media.

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Certificate of Conformity for SIPs Industries

Build with Confidence using Quality Australian Made SIPs Panels

The stringent quality systems in place for the manufacture of SIPs panels in Fremantle by SIPs Industries, ensures conformance with the strict CodeMark rules, gaining us cerification renewal, through CertMark, annually.

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB), in conjunction with the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ), has been driving hard towards the implementation of the revised and improved CodeMark Australia Scheme.

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Building Homes With SIPs

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

A Builder's take with Andrew Abercromby (Consortium Builders)

Andrew Abercromby qualified as a Civil / Environmental Engineer at UWA. He worked on engineering construction projects in Belgium and New Guinea and completed an MBA in France. Andrew was appointed Project Coordinator for an expansion to Sydney’s International Airport Terminal Building and then transferred to the UK and Switzerland to help integrate three European businesses. He now works in Perth, specialising in building homes with environmentally friendly products.

He recently completed WA’s first PassivHaus using our own structural insulated panels. Building a home in Cottesloe to international standards regarding energy efficiency and comfort was a great experience for Andrew.

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