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Green Smart WA Award Winner 2012 - Product of the Year

The Future of Building is Here

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) technology is the building technology of the future.

As a strong, affordable and environmentally responsible solution, SIPs have been utilised successfully worldwide for more than 40 years.

Known particularly for its strength, versatility and outstanding insulation properties, SIPs construction is one of the fastest growing building systems globally.

Although SIPs was originally developed for colder climates, its excellent thermal qualities make it even more relevant and beneficial to our hot Australian climate.

Consider that it takes three times as much energy to cool a home than to heat it, and factor in rapidly risinglocal energy costs, and a SIPs building is a very smart choice all round.

SIPs can be purchased in two ways. SIPS by Design is used by clients who already have their house designed and would like to have their design used in the custom fabrication of their panels. This way the panels are manufactured specifically for your building.

SIPS ReadyCut is a more cost effective option whereby the building is designed with a preset selection of panels in mind. This is a pre-cut, off-the-shelf solution.

Passivehaus - The first in WA

We have recently supplied walls and roof panels to Consortium Builders for their build at 16 Webb Street Cottesloe. This project, designed by Roger Joyner who is a certified passivehaus consultant, is unique in that it is the first in Western Australia. SIPS industries panels were chosen for this project for their high insulation, air-tightness and speed of construction.